How it works

VC Connect for Wellbeing provides:

  • Online Service Directory
  • Integrated Online Referrals
  • Self Referral option
  • Quick, Robust Reporting
  • Wellbeing Outcome Measurements

Online Service Directory

You can search for local services, activities and support in a comprehensive service directory.

You can browse services by their Activity Type e.g. Leisure & Social Activities, Self-Help, or Advice and Support Services – or you can use any number of the filter options available to find something that meets your specific criteria i.e. postcode, age range, or client group.

How the site works

There is also an Advanced Search option to find support for specific client groups, or for individuals with specific medical conditions.

Online Referrals

The site offers an integrated referral tool, allowing approved users (such as Link Workers, GPs, community nurses, health champions) to directly refer individuals to service providers through the site.

Referrers can search for services in the same way – choose the services they wish to refer an individual to, capturing some key information and their contact details via an online referral form.

Service providers are then automatically informed of the referral sent to them, for them to contact the individual and follow-up.

Self Referral option

An option is available to allow the public to refer themselves directly into services, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own self-care and reducing reliance upon primary care services.

Quick, Robust Reporting

Access reports that highlight support needs, identify any trends in referrals, and clearly demonstrate demand for specific services – great data to provide to commissioners.

All referrals made via the site are recorded and tracked, allowing administrators to quickly access and track referral data. See the number of referrals made in a date period, the referrers who are making the most referrals, the services most in demand, and identify where they may be a gap in required support.

You can also access useful data about the individuals being referred, such as their postcode area, age range, and reason for their referral etc.

Wellbeing Outcome Measurements

Capture essential data on the individual’s health and wellbeing throughout their journey, to demonstrate and evidence the impact and difference of your social prescribing service.

Results can be viewed on an individual basis, or collectively across the whole service.


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